Sunshine blog award

I received a blog award – Sunshine blog award. I never received a blog award before. Not one, but two people gave me this award nearly simultaneously – Leslie White of Lesliepaints and Ryan of Asmalltowndad. Two people thought that I am doing something worthwhile here, brighten their day in some small way. I am grateful and honored. Thank you, Leslie and Ryan!

Now following this award rules I am nominating 12 bloggers who helped me on my journey, taught me things and continue to brighten my life.

  1. Jana Bouc – a wonderfully talented artist, I started my blog modeling it on hers.
  2. Christy DeKoning – an accomplished watercolor artist, who watches my watercolor adventures and leaves wonderfully helpful comments and suggestions.
  3. Roz Stendahl – an amazingly productive multimedia artist from whom I learn, and learn, and learn.
  4. Sam Harrison – a young artist who was an inspiration and a catalyst that started me on portraiture. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I am capable of drawing or painting a portrait. I thought that for decades. Now because of Sam I know that I was wrong.
  5. Rob Carey – Once in a while you run across a person who seems closer to the Divine than the rest of us. Rob is such person. And a wonderful artist too.
  6. Pete Scully – an Urban Sketchers correspondent, who helped me with recommendations, links and books when I truly didn’t know what I was doing.
  7. Barbara Weeks – a Chicago artist who invited me to her Sketch group.
  8. Casey Toussaint – who is a wonderful artist and a great supporter of my art endeavors.
  9. Doris Joa – just because her art is a delight.
  10. Sheona Hamilton Grant – one of my favorite graphite artists.
  11. Ramesh Jhawar – for his wonderful watercolors. I always wait for his new ones.
  12. Gigi Sanchez – a wonderful writer and blogger with an amazing sense of humor. Go to her site and read her stories, especially Day at the Pound.
  13. Joseph Tomlinson of Joseph’s Art. Now, I don’t know Joe closely, but I get an impression he is not a kind of guy who plays Blog Awards games – sorry Joe! But his sketches touch me and leave a long lasting impression.

Ok, I can count to 12, I know I got thirteen. But there is no way to exclude anyone from this nomination list. 13 it is.

And finally, special and unnumbered, this award goes to my husband, also a blogger, who deserves all awards in the world. Being married to an artist isn’t easy!

Now, my dear friends, if you accept your nomination, please do the following:

  • Put the logo on your blog.
  • Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blogs.
  • Share the admiration and link to the person from whom you received this award.
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  1. Reply
    lesliepaints February 12, 2010

    Congratulations,Alex, and your list is wonderful! I have just briefly visited those I had not yet visited from your blogroll. They are all so good!

  2. Reply
    Sam Harrison February 13, 2010

    awwwwwww, I’m up there. *fuzzy* 😀

    Thank you!

  3. Reply
    2a24 February 13, 2010

    Congratulations all 🙂

    Have a special day!

  4. Reply
    gigisanchez February 15, 2010

    Alex, I’ve got you on my homepage at my comments.

    Thanks for making me Number 12. I don’t like 13 and if I can’t be Number 1, I’d rather be Number 12. There are 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles, 12 people on a jury, 12 months in a year, 12-step programs, and the clock strikes 12.

    Thank You 12 times

  5. Reply
    Corve DaCosta February 15, 2010


  6. Reply
    caseytoussaint February 17, 2010

    Wow – Thank you!

  7. Reply
    Alex Zonis February 17, 2010

    Thank you all: Leslie, Sam, Alina, Gigi, Corve and Casey – for stopping by, saying Hello, offering congratulations or thanks. I am greatly pleased to see you all! Come again and visit!

  8. Reply
    Fun FREE Giveaways March 7, 2010

    Congratulations!! I just received my first Sunshine Award too. I feel like a movie star.

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