Eddie Jr.

Eddie Jr.

Meet Eddie Jr.!

Eddie Jr. is a son of Eddie Sr. I was excited to have an opportunity to draw both the father and the son. When I did portraits of my family – Aunt Marie and her 3 children – I discovered that I can feel a family resemblance with my pencil: the lines, curves, dips and rises kept repeating themselves from portrait to portrait in a way that fascinated me. Having Eddie Sr. and Eddie Jr. both working in our garage and agreeing to be my models was a great chance to see if this would happen again.

Eddie Jr. was a great model. Wonderfully photogenic, handsome and good natured he followed my suggestions quickly and gracefully. His only concern was that he should’ve worn a nicer shirt for the portrait. I assured him that shirt matters very little, it is the face that I am after. Then I said that I could take the shirt off in the drawing. For a moment Eddie’s eyes grew big :shock:, then he got it that I was joking and we had a nice chuckle together.

When drawing Eddie Jr. I did experience a family resemblance effect I hoped to see. The lines and marks for eye sockets, brow bones, a bridge of a nose and cheek bones felt familiar from drawing the portrait of his father.

#29 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

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    lesliepaints November 13, 2010

    Oh absolutely can see a resemblance. This is senior without the years! Energetic and all that is yet to be experienced! It is in the tilt of the head and the “look” in the eyes. Too funny! The shirt story!
    You do so well with capturing likeness and reality! I have to chuckle and tell you that I have so many “different” likenesses of myself and my family members! They are different everytime. Good job, Alex!

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      Alex Zonis November 13, 2010

      Thank you so much, Leslie! I am so glad I could get that resemblance! This that you saw it makes me want to giggle with happiness :D! We all have many “different likenesses”. This portrait project makes me very much aware of that. I try to portray one of them, the one that defines the person in my eyes. With Eddie Jr. I knew that I had it right when I saw this raised eye brow – that was Eddie I know in real life: cute, funny, open, wanting to do something good for you.

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    Carol King November 14, 2010

    You know, I was going to ask if there was an Eddie, Jr. when you drew Senior! Great job, and yes! I do see a resemblance. I know these are in your sketchbook, but you should get some quality color copies and give the Eddie’s a copy each.

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      Alex Zonis November 15, 2010

      What an excellent idea, Carol! Thank you for suggesting it! I will definitely make prints for both Senior and Junior. Eddie Sr. has seen both portraits and told me that I was BA-A-AD! I couldn’t have wished for a better reaction :)!

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