Meet Dan!

Dan is Shelly’s friend and schoolmate. Dan is a third year student in Loyola University, he majors in Computer Science and plays classical violin. To put it shortly, everybody knows – Dan is brilliant. And being a sweetheart that he is, he agrees. β€œI has brilliance,” he stated in reply to my daughter on Facebook.

#37 of 40. Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

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    Shelly December 13, 2010

    i love this, and more importantly dan loves this. he made it his facebook profile pic πŸ˜€

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      Alex Zonis December 13, 2010

      Happy that you liked it! Also happy that Dan liked it! I saw his new profile pic – Dan and I are now friends on FB :D!

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    Carol King December 13, 2010

    Is English Dan’s first language? LOL! I has brilliance! Dan’s portrait is wonderful. I love the beard and the glasses. I guess you must’ve really hit the mark. I just read Shelly’s comment that this is now Dan’s profile pic on facebook! Wow! You’ve really made it.

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      Alex Zonis December 13, 2010

      LOL! I knew this would create a mischief :D! Dan has superb English. This is just a new lingo that twenty-somethings are now using in jest. It started from lolcats.com and is used in a humorous self-depreciating way. I like it.

      Glad you liked the drawing! It was surprisingly hard. I thought to myself: no wrinkles, no gray hair, no negative drawing, fairly simple 3/4 view – I would do this one in no time. But I struggled with face modeling, especially the cheek with a dimple.

      • Reply
        Carol King December 15, 2010

        oh, right….that I haz can cheezburger site or whatever it’s called. Kids these days! Geez!
        I think you did a great job on him and I do like his dimple. πŸ™‚

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    lesliepaints December 13, 2010

    I really like the values in this one, Alex. You handled the shadows around the glasses, superbly. You rendered this portrait, friendly, I might add. Wonderful!

    • Reply
      Alex Zonis December 13, 2010

      Thank you, Leslie! It came out after all! At one point about half-way through the drawing I wasn’t sure it would. As I wrote in reply to Carol, the face modeling was giving me trouble, especially the dimple on the cheek. The shadow there had to work with the corner of the mouth and the laugh line on the side of the mouth, and it just wouldn’t gel. I really liked that dimple, thought that it was the key to the whole portrait, and so wanted to get it right. I think I managed it in the end, but who would’ve thought that a dimple would be so difficult…

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