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Le Gallery Thorndale


Today I took these six paintings to their first show at Le Gallery Thorndale. Le Gallery Thorndale is a local gallery sponsored by Chicago Edgewater Chamber of Commerce.

From gallery’s press release:

Le Gallery Thorndale is a limited-time, exclusive art exhibit organized by Edgewater Artists in Motion as part of its ongoing effort to make Chicagoans explore Edgewater as an eclectic artistic community and a vibrant creative force in our city. 

Location: 1106 West Thorndale Ave, Chicago IL 60660

Opening: Friday September 2, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Show dates: September 2 – September 30

Gallery Hours: Friday – 4 pm to 7 pm,  Sat and Sun – 11 am to 4 pm

If you are in Chicago, join me, other artists and art collectors for the opening night on Friday, September 2, 5:30 – 8:30 pm.



Meet Peter!

I am continuing with the day of the outing at Dr. Goldberg’s. The first person we saw upon arrival was Peter. He was the Master of the Grill. Now, me and my husband, we are smart :D. We have over thirty years of education between the two of us :D. And if we learned anything really worthwhile through all these years and all these schools, it is who the most important person at an outing is. That’s the cook! So we stayed with Peter and tried to get into his good graces.

We learned that Peter has a Masters degree in Psychology, but decided that he likes feeding people better than mucking with their minds. Shows some good judgment! So 20 years ago he opened a meat and sausage store. He makes his own sausages and smokes and cures his own meats. For the outing Peter had for us freshly made Polish sausage and bratwursts grilled to perfection and lightly smoked chicken blackened on a grill. You should have been there…

Graphite, Moleskine Cahier sketchbook

In other important news…

Today, September 6, my little blog turns 1 year old. To be honest I am amazed that I kept on with it steadily for this long. I am also amazed with the wild statistics of it. As of this post

10599 times people viewed something on these pages!

655 comments were left!

93 different countries have visited and left their flag on my map!

52 times I made a piece of art and had something to say!

Also something that cannot be enumerated – my wonderful new friends whom I met in blogosphere during this year. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and friendship.

Happy Birthday, Pencil Scribbles!

Pencil Scribbles visitors

SOFA without the glamour

SOFA Chicago came and went.

I did not have anything on display this year, but I spent 3 days there to see what other artists have been doing and get my imagination charged. And also to hang around my gallery and spent time with Sami whom I adore but only get to see once a year. Here’s Sami, the owner of Mostly Glass gallery, and I.

We love each other, don't we?

We love each other, don't we?

I also worked after the show closed , from 6pm till 11pm, and helped my gallery pack – a Herculean task to say the least – nearly everything the gallery shows is glass. Here’s how SOFA looks after the doors are closed, fancy public in designer duds is gone and spot lights are turned off. Not the images from glossy brochures – the real deal.


This is not easy!

Box # 113

Box #117


Almost done!

On the front cover!

It is official! Today we received an email from Palgrave Macmillan, a UK publishing house, that my husband’s book is going into production. It is a highly academic treatise called Empathy in the Context of Philosophy. This is very exciting for us both. But what is really important is that the image of my latest tapestry is going to grace the front cover. And the publishers emailed to discuss the details. The tapestry is called Dessuart:



The image on the cover will be a crop of the whole thing, probably the upper half, and will likely be too small to do it justice. But still I am very excited – I will have the credits in the book. You can read more about symbolism of Dessuart on Mostly Glass gallery site.

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