Every day in August – more sketches

The next 6 sketches for the wonderful Sketchpack Project 2013 out of Capetown, South Africa. The first 6 can be seen here – Every Day in August.

We have a Facebook group for members of this project where we post our daily sketches and chat away about sketches and everything else. It is quite amazing to say this – but I seem to have a few new friends in Capetown and Johannesburg area. Some even invited me to visit – an amazing feat considering the distance – 8494 miles  – and amount of jet fuel needed to get there from Chicago. But you never know… if there is a will – there is a way!


  1. Yukari Iwasaki August 28, 2013

    awww that Sketchpack Project sounds great! I also like your vibrance 🙂

    • Alex Zonis September 4, 2013

      Thank you, Yukari! I love color, I guess it shows :)!

  2. eightdecades August 29, 2013

    I really like your sketches, fresh and inspired, and well captured. good stuff.

    • Alex Zonis September 4, 2013

      Thank you for visiting and commenting, 8decades! In this age of Like button, a comment is precious!

  3. joantav August 30, 2013

    I like this group and the ones you posted earlier. Sometimes it is fun to do something small…just for fun. I like the idea of the project!

    • Alex Zonis September 4, 2013

      Joan, perhaps you would be interested in joining the project next year? If so, let me know and I will connect you with the Artsource, Cape Town.

      • Christian Couteau November 5, 2013

        Hi Alex
        Maybe will be interested to join your project in 2014? From a French sketcher and watercolorist

        • Alex Zonis November 5, 2013

          Thanks, Christian! Di Metcalf from Cape Town is the brain and organizer behind this project. We will probably do this again in 2014. We have a Facebook group of people who did 2013, so we can keep in touch. If you want, I can invite you there so you can be in the loop for news.

  4. Suzie Althens August 30, 2013

    How fun to see you here! I’m “following” you 🙂

    • Alex Zonis September 4, 2013

      Ha! And I am following you! 😀

  5. Anne Watt September 3, 2013

    Alex, you’re participation on this project has been an inspiration to us all through your sharing of knowledge, adventurous spirit and sense of humour, and of-course those marvelous little sketches! (Y)

    • Alex Zonis September 4, 2013

      What a wonderful thoughtful comment, Anne! I am so lucky to have met you though various endeavors we do together. Bless the internet age where distance stopped being a barrier to friendship.

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