With Cherries on Top

With Cherries on Top 10-3-2013 lores

With Cherries on Top

6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) – oil on gessobord – SOLD

This was supposed to be the last of the three paintings for the Buck County gallery show. After this one the plan was to relax, go sketching, catch up with planning the USk Chicago Seminar, maybe do laundry… But while I painted it I heard from Randy Higbee about his spectacular 6″ Squared Show in December. I managed to miss it last year and promised myself to make sure to be in it this year. And so I need two more paintings to make it into two different shows. Pressure! Stress! Deadlines! I thought I left that kind of stuff behind when I left the corporate rat race – LOL!

I am rather pleased with this painting. The idea occurred to me in early summer, when Rainer cherries were in season. I composed my setup, but wasn’t sure of it. So I sketched it first and showed the sketch to my Sketckpack buddies. They liked it. With that I felt better and painted it :).

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  1. barbtaub October 6, 2013

    I love it! Especially the guidebook to Musee d’Orsay, one of Paris’ most fabulous treasures.

  2. joantav October 7, 2013

    Beautiful!!! I love the sketch but the painting is wonderful…love the reflections of the cherries.

    • Alex Zonis October 25, 2013

      Appreciate you stopping by, Joan! Thanks!

  3. Carol King October 8, 2013

    Super duper wonderful. Love the sketch too!

    • Alex Zonis October 25, 2013

      Ha! Super duper thanks to you! You always make me laugh! 🙂

  4. lesliepaints October 13, 2013

    Mirrored beauty.

  5. lindahalcombfineart October 16, 2013

    Really lovely. Cherries are like apples and cherry tomatoes – incredible subject matter. The book is a nice addition.

    • Alex Zonis October 25, 2013

      My first cherries painting! While they are a wonderful subject, I could not come up with a cherry story worth painting until now :).

  6. Jane Kingpin October 30, 2014

    Beautiful work! If this painting is still available, please email me the price. Thanks!

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