Adagio for Three Strings

Adagio for Three Strings

Adagio for Three Strings

12″x9″ (30×23 cm) – oil on aluminum panel

More often than not these paper paintings take longer than I anticipate. Or hope! I think this one took two months. But I am not entirely sure, and am afraid to investigate. What if it took 3 months? Regardless, it is now complete and drying.

There are are couple of things to mention about this painting. This is my first try working on Dibond surface. Dibond is a two ply aluminum panel used for signs. It can be gessoed and used as painting subtract. I really like it and hope to use it for most of my work. It is smoother and less absorbent than Gessobord. Lovely surface!

I took the level of complexity up a notch with this painting. Crinkled music paper is great fun to paint! My gallery will be happy, I hope :). He loves complexity!


  1. Barbara G Meyer November 21, 2014

    Lovely, Alex! Very 3-D. I don’t care how long it took, the results are gorgeous.

  2. Paula Raudenbush November 21, 2014

    Alex I am so impressed and inspired by your work. I love this level of realism and totally understand how many hours can go into a painting like this. Brava!

  3. Dick Plat November 22, 2014

    Hello Alex

    My dropping in on your website/blog was a completely unexpected but very pleasnat surprise.
    Much impressed by your works. Needless to say that I am going to bookmark them

    Kind greetings from a colleague in Holland


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