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It is too dark to paint in the evenings… I gave up on painting in artificial light because when I look at what I painted in the morning the color temperature always needs to be corrected. So I thought of getting back into sketching during these long and dark winter evenings. I haven’t done any drawing, except drawing for a painting, since I finished The Sketchbook Project.

Just sketching – for the sake of the process – without being too attached to the result – is very satisfying. I keep my timing to an hour or less, and any piece of old junk is a perfect subject. I am trying different materials – micron pen, conte, pastels. I am thinking of getting a fountain pen, have always been curious about drawing with a fountain pen. If you have a favorite model – please share.

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    Carol King February 10, 2012

    sketching for the sake of sketching is very, very good. This coming from a person who knows she should be doing it, but doesn’t do it nearly enough. I like your objects that you selected to sketch.

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      Alex Zonis February 12, 2012

      Sketching is indeed very very good for you! Like vitamins or exercise… but considerably more enjoyable :D. Thanks, Carol!

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    Sam Harrison February 12, 2012

    I recommend a Lamy Safari pen, they’re pretty inexpensive for a good fountain pen (~$20) and are great fun to write and draw with. I got one about 6 months ago and it hasn’t let me down… I’ve been meaning to post a review of it. I’d recommend a bottle of Noodler’s ink for any drawing pen, it’s lightfast and waterproof when dry. You don’t really even need the refillable cartridge, you can just use a small pipette or something to refill the one that comes with it when it’s empty.

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      Alex Zonis February 12, 2012

      Thanks for the suggestion, Sam. I am hearing good things about Lamy Safari. I am thinking I am going to get it with extra fine nib. Which nib do you have?

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        Sam Harrison February 13, 2012

        I have the fine nib, it seems to be equivalent to a .05-.06mm ballpoint. You can flip it over and write with the wrong side for a finer line, it’s very versatile. I’ll probably get a broad nib at some point for wide lines. Even the fine nib burns through ink pretty rapidly though.

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    Linda Halcomb February 15, 2012

    This is great exercise for your drawing “muscles”. I need to do more. Last winter I spent the first two months of the year just drawing and doodling. I was very good for my art.

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      Alex Zonis February 19, 2012

      We all know what’s good for us… But actually doing it is a different story, I am sure you noticed LOL. I am going to try to keep this up, we’ll see how far I am going to get. Want to join me?

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    lesliepaints March 3, 2012

    Whenever I return to drawing I “see” new things I have not seen before. I, too, think it relaxing, Alex.

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      Alex Zonis March 5, 2012

      It is indeed amazing to realize how much more you SEE when you look. I’ve heard that often and did not fully understand what it meant until I experienced it for myself. For me a sculpting practice did the trick. And sketching practice helps to stay tuned. Thanks for your comment, Leslie!

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