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Sketchbook last minute things


I am finishing up the book. Again. I already finished it in the last post having drawn the last portrait. Then I finished it up the second time by going over every page, cleaning up, restoring lost contrast, applying fixatif, and in some cases doing some serious revamping. Like I completely changed the original self portrait on the intro page to this one. Several other earlier portraits got changed fairly dramatically as well. Then I finished the book for the third time writing titles for each portrait, signing and dating everything. I have significantly underestimated the amount of finishing work I had to do. Besides I am a little tired of the whole thing by now – it is time to really finish it one of these days. Now the only thing left to do is the cover. I hope to have the book sent off to the Art House by the end of the week.



I drew this one pursuing two purposes at once. I wanted a self-portrait for an intro page of my Sketchbook Project. And Linda Halcomb announced her self-portrait non-challenge about the same time. Thank you, Linda!

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Yours truly …


Here it is – the first one. My teacher says it is a good practice to do at least one a year. For a fast sketch the likeness is reasonable. I hope people who know me will recognize this image.

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